Patient Resources

To book a consultation, please contact Dr. Campbell's office at 403-228 2511 or by email at Please bring your valid health care card with you to your appointment. Feel free to bring another person to accompany you during your appointment.
Please allocate at least 2 hours for your consultation. Dr. Campbell is very thorough during each appointment and as such, wait times will vary.
Our office staff can provide assistance in English, Mandarin, and Spanish.
Booking Surgery
You cannot book a surgery date without seeing Dr. Campbell in consultation first. If you wish to proceed afterwards, we can book your procedure at the time of your consult or at later time according to your convenience.

Surgical Facilities
Cosmetic surgeries are usually done either at Dr. Campbell's office or at the Riverview Surgical Centre.
Dr. Campbell's office address is 1030 10th Ave. SW, Calgary, AB T2R1M4
The Riverview Surgical Centre's address is: 3125 Bowwood Drive NW, Calgary, AB T3B2E7
If you are having Minor Surgery with Dr.Campbell, the location is the Foothills Hospital.
The address is : Minor Surgery Clinic, 3134 Hospital Drive NW,
                            Parking Lot 10 West is the closest parkade

*Please note that all cosmetic photos are of models and do not represent actual patients.

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