Mastopexy - Breast Lift


This operation is performed to address breasts which have become droopy (ptotic). It lifts a woman's breasts so they assume the shape that they had been years earlier. It can be performed in conjunction with an augmentation (implants) if the patient also desires additional breast volume.




Generally, two different scar patterns are employed depending on the weight and size of the breast. A light breast which needs only a small amount of lift can often be addressed with an operation in which the scar remains solely confined to the outer edge of the areola (the pigmented part of the nipple). Larger breasts often require a more aggressive lift. In these cases, part of the scar is still contained around the areola but it also extends into the normal breast skin – usually with a vertical line extending straight down from the areola. An additional horizontal scar in the crease under the breast is sometimes employed as well.




Following mastopexy surgery, most women feel well enough to return to work in about a week. However, at that point, the patient's breasts will still be swollen and tender. The swelling gradually resolves with time, the first few days demonstrating the biggest changes. However, almost all women will experience small changes in the shape of their breasts for many weeks post-operatively as the swelling subsides and the skin stretches.




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