Liposuction is best suited to address a pocket of fat which will not resolve despite diet and exercise. It is a contouring procedure, not a method of weight loss.




To perform liposuction, small incisions are made in the skin adjacent to the pocket of fat which is going to be removed. Using a small cannula (a straw like object), the fat pocket is filled with a saline solution containing adrenaline and a local anaesthetic. This process is called tumescence and is done to reduce both the bleeding and the pain associated with the procedure. Once the tumescence has been completed, the tumescent cannula is replaced with a liposuction cannula which is attached to a strong vacuum. Suctioning of the fat is then performed.


Over the years, technological modifications have been made to improve the efficiency of liposuction. These changes have included combining liposuction with lasers, ultrasound and rapid oscillation of the liposuction cannula. In each instance, the goal has been to make the fat easier to remove and hasten a patient's recovery.


In most cases, the skin is able to contract adequately over the liposuctioned area. Unfortunately, in some instances, the skin has been stretched beyond its limits and once the fat is removed, the skin takes on the properties of a deflated bag and a smooth contour will not result. In these circumstances, the option of having the additional skin removed concurrently may be considered but this will leave a longer scar. If the scar can be hidden, the tradeoff is usually worth it; sometimes, there is no good way to conceal the scar.




Following liposuction, almost all patients will wear compression garments to reduce the amount of post-operative swelling they experience. These garments also help to hasten the contraction of the skin overlying the liposuctioned areas. Patients who have had liposuction are often bruised for many days and the liposuctioned areas can remain tender for several weeks. Most patients are fit to return to work within a week.




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