The relationship between the labia majora and the labia minora vary greatly among women. Some women's labia minora will protrude beyond their labia majora, some have the same prominence, and sometimes the labia minora will be contained within the labia majora. In the first case, where the labia minora is more prominent than the majora, patients can sometimes experience discomfort of the excess tissue becoming irritated or inflamed.


Labial Reduction


Generally speaking, labiaplasty surgery is performed on women with prominent labia minora to reduce the size and projection of their labia minora, making them smaller than their labia majora. Variations of this type of procedure include removal of excessive clitoral hooding or hymenal tissue. A final option, although usually reserved for women who have lost volume of their labia majora, injectable agents such as filler products or fat can be injected into their labia majora to give them more fullness.


Labial Augmentation with Fat

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Initially, the surgical sites are sensitive and tender. Usually within a day though, most patients are relatively comfortable and within a few days are back to work. 




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