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Multiple products have been used in the past to correct small facial lines. Hyaluronic acids have become the most popular agents in recent years. They come as a clear gel with a consistency similar to toothpaste and are inserted with a needle beneath a skin line to plump out the line. It is rare that they can completely remove the line but often, they will soften the appearance of the line so that it is not as visible.The most common other agents are collagen and fat. Dr.Campbell offers various fillers in his office, such as : Restylane®, Juvederm®, and Sculptra®


Collagen is a protein found in all animals. Each animal's collagen is slightly different. The first injectable collagen products were made of cow collagen. Now, most of the collagen injectables are derived from human sources to reduce the risk of rejection. Collagen comes in syringes and is injected beneath the skin to give more volume to a structure such as a lip or to address small lines by plumping them up. Collagen usually dissolves with time and often has to be repeated each year or so to keep the desired effect.


Fat Grafting


Fat injecting has been performed for over a century but has only recently been repopularized. The patient's fat is removed with liposuction from an area of excess. Then the fat is separated from the accompanying liquid and the fat is reinjected into the patient to address permanent lines or give more volume to a thinned, flattened area. The process is more involved than the use of other fillers as the fat needs to be harvested and then purified before injecting. However, in most instances, the process is easily completed in under an hour.


Fat injections are considered to be permanent fillers. However, to be permanent, the fat cells must live in the new area into which they are injected. Certainly, in every case, a percentage of the transplanted fat dies and is resorbed thus the final look weeks after the injection will differ slightly from the initial appearance of the tissues. If enough dies, the procedure may need to be repeated.


Regardless of the type of filler, mild redness can be expected around the needle poke sites from the injections. If fat is harvested, the donor site can be a bit tender and bruised for several days.




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