Chin Implant


Chin implants are used to increase the projection of a patient's chin and depending on the amount of correction necessary, there are varying procedures that can be done.




For subtle changes or to mask mild contour irregularities, injecatable fillers or fat may be used. Fillers can be injected in a matter of minutes and patients can be back to their normal activities immediately afterwards. Fillers can also be used anywhere else along the jaw to provide more definition to the contour of the jaw. The biggest drawback to injectable fillers is that it can wear off with time, requiring reapplication at some point in the future.


For more substantial changes in jaw projection, an implant is inserted along the border of the chin. A cut inside the mouth, below the gums, is often done to insert the implant which hides the scar beautifully. Less commonly, the jaw bone itself can be cut with a saw and slid foward to provide more projection to the chin. Plates and screws are then used to hold the pience of bone in its new position until the bone heals.




Patients should expect to be swollen initially after surgery. Patients may experience some bruising, numbness, and discomfort around the area. Typically patients need seven to ten days to feel back to normal, with day two post operatively being the worst.




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