Buttock Lift


Buttock lifts have gradually grown in popularity over the last decade. The intention is to try to elevate a sagging buttock which most commonly results either from simple aging or from considerable weight loss. Commonly, they are done in conjunction with liposuction to remove any stubborn collections of fat adjacent to the patient's buttocks. Some patients will also combine them with an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). 




The resultant scar is hidden in the belt line, just above the buttocks. A well known 'cousin' of a buttock lift is the Brazilian buttock lift. Demystifying the operation, in this procedure, the surgeon liposuctions fat out of one area of a patient's body and then replaces it into the buttocks. It has the advantage of thinning other areas of the body but makes the patient's buttocks bigger.




Almost always, buttock lifts are done as day surgery, meaning that the patient can go home following the procedure and they are usually done under a general anesthetic.




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