Breast Augmentation with Fat

This operation is slowly gaining popularity. In some women who want to have larger breasts but who do not want to have breast implants, fat can be used to augment their breasts. To do it, fat is harvested via liposuction from other areas of the body. The fat is processed and purified and then re-injected back into the breasts of the patient to give more volume to her breasts. Very small incisions are used to harvest the fat and even smaller needle pokes are used to inject the fat into the breasts. 

Fat is unpredictable. Some will live and some will die once injected which means that the final result after grafting is never as precise as using an implant. However, once the fat lives, then it is the patient's own tissue which obviates the issues that sometimes arise with implants. 


Originally, it was questioned if having this operation performed might make the screening for breast cancers via mammography more complicated. Fortunately, it does not.



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